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By Brian Jacques

A villainous new presence is aprowl in Mossflower Woods-the Marlfoxes. Stealthy and mysterious, they're out to plunder and spoil every little thing of their direction. And after they succeed in Redwall Abbey, they ruthlessly thieve the main helpful treasure of all-the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. It takes Dann Reguba and track Swifteye, teenagers of warrior squirrels, to persist with of their fathers' heroic footsteps. including the younger shrew Dippler, and Burble the courageous watervole, they embark upon the doubtless most unlikely quest. . . .

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Don’t count on my orders in destiny. Thunderin’ undesirable shape, sir! ’ Tragglo Spearback couldn't aid elevating his eyebrows as he patted Borrakul’s again. ‘Ho dearie me, you’ve acquired mister Florian rather roused now, mate. i'm wondering who ’e’s goin’ to assault with that bowl o’ pudden that ’e’s carryin’? ’ Gelltor had misplaced the fray. Bargle and his Guosim hurled themselves upon the water rats, with all of the ability and ferocity of shrew Warriors. They took no prisoners. Gelltor was once subsidized up opposed to the wallgate, surrounded through a half-circle of rapier blades, while Janglur, Rusvul and Skipper arrived at the scene. Bargle staunched a leg wound grimly. ‘Big ole ladder they ’ad, pass, yet I placed paid t’that. i feel this Marlfox ’ere is the final of ’em! ’ Somebeast held up a torch, and Skipper studied the Marlfox in its glow. ‘Florian, take yore guards up at the walltop an’ safe it. We’ll seek the grounds an’ ascertain there ain’t to any extent further vermin prowlin’ approximately. Janglur, bind this ’un an’ lock ’im within the gate’ouse until eventually we makes a decision wot t’do with ’im! ’ Gelltor flailed approximately dangerously along with his awl. ‘Put a paw close to me an’ it will get chopped off! ’ The half-lidded eyes of Janglur settled at the Marlfox. ‘Tough beast, ain’t yer, fox? Yore the one that was once goin’ to execute me fer sendin’ yore sister the place she belongs. ’ The Marlfox spat on the warrior squirrel and bared his fangs. ‘Talk colossal together with your military around you, windbag. You couldn’t face me on my own if i used to be sure an’ blindfolded! ’ Skipper smiled pityingly on the Marlfox. ‘Oops! i believe you jus’ acknowledged the incorrect factor there, matey. ’ Janglur waved a paw at these surrounding the cornered Gelltor. ‘Back off, everybeast. Do like I say an’ stand good away. ’ Rusvul shouldered his javelin and ready to stride off. ‘Best do like Janglur says. the place d’yer wish us, Jang? ’ Janglur’s eyes by no means left the fox as he responded, ‘Over yonder, out o’ the best way! ’ The squirrel warrior nodded on the Marlfox’s awl. ‘You can retain ’old o’ that factor. Now, let’s do that right. stroll earlier me, fox, approximately 3 tall treelengths, out directly to the garden. ’ Gelltor used to be mystified, yet he complied, feeling the squirrel’s lazy eyes gazing him as he paced off the space. ‘Right, that’ll do, ye vermin. cease there. ’ Gelltor halted and became to determine Janglur whack the bolts again with sharp hobbies and fling open the south wallgate. Janglur moved ahead a couple of paces. status empty-pawed among Gelltor and the open gate, he addressed the fox. ‘See, there’s freedom – an open gate. All you were given to do is get previous me. Don’t be troubled, nobeast will attempt t’stop yer, simply me. ’ Gelltor spat on his axeblade and swung it expertly, feeling lightheaded with self assurance. what kind of fools have been those Abbeydwellers, leaving just a fatbellied sleepy-looking squirrel among a Marlfox and his freedom? He ran a brief distance ahead, sprang right into a crouch with the prepared awl flat-bladed in entrance of him, and commenced stalking his prey. Janglur waited until eventually Gelltor was once lower than a speed from him. Then, because the awl swung, he dropped to the floor, kicking out sharply.

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